WE ARE Working,Even War Now

  As now war many our clients ladies went to Europe but they are still looking for the destiny. it was always diffiicult to find the future husband for our girl, but now it almost impossible.

 For men It not so difficult, but... sometimes it s problem for some men.

To find the dream girl sometimes very difficult. Men can look for her many years and no result.Sometimes you can find her just near your house,simetimes you go to another country or another continent. The same with our clients.

One client can come and meet his  dream girl next day after he come,but sometimes the clients can  invite the lady which he liked to romantic trip in his country.

 Even durung the war w ... Read more »

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 The most romantic trip of our couple to Corse was last time.Maybe It is not good to write about happy couple in this difficult time for our and not ounly our people. But I think that the positive emotioins help to people to survive. That why I try to publish something positive. 

  Galia and Bernard visited those beautiful places  last summer. They promised to send some photos and we will publish for you , dear readers.

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 In our Introduction Agency "Love" love is always. Even in the war time, the most difficult time for many people, love exists.

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