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What I had assumed to be a shadow takes the form of a girl. I turn my head toward her. She is fully eclipsed by the shade of an old wall. Under my brief gaze she doesn't withdraw or flinch, but neither does she step forward to be seen. Her shape already has the beginnings of womanhood, yet I doubt she is more than half way through her teens. She stares with that look the girls around here take, one designed not to give any emotion away. She's still a child, hiding her delicate side behind a paper wall, keeping her natural smile under lock and key. Were I to talk to her she would be excessively polite, deferential even, but I can't enjoy it. It's just another sign of the violence of these parts. The tension that controls her face has always been part of her life, take it away and likely she'd reinvent it simply to keep her status quo. Like pressure in a bottle, it has to be taken down slowly to keep the mind functioning the right way. The girl isn't in any danger and so I turn back before she becomes uncomfortable. This isn't a day to loose direction."..
 This poem can be about Svetlana

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