Уears: 51 | Children: YES | Education: College 2018-12-27, 15:33

Natalia Anatolievna

51 year

Status: divorced.

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 65 kg

Smoking, alcohol: no

Profession: ambulance nurse

Hobbies - Music, theater, opera. Movies. I love to travel and learn the history and cuisine of different countries. Perfectly cooking and dancing. I love volleyball and various sports.

About me: I am a very sunny and open person! Therefore, I am always ready to share my positive mood. My heart is full of love and tenderness, and I need someone to whom I can give everything. My dream is to sleep and wake up with a man every day together and enjoy each other! I have three children - they are all adults and live separately with their halves. My husband and I were divorced but lived in the same city, but after he got sick with cancer, we met again and I took care of him for two years. He died 2 years ago. And my children really want me to be happy and so I decided to come to the agency.

Who I am looking for:

I would like to meet a decent man who will be the only man for me. I want a faithful man. Very kind, who like me will not love the scandals and wants to live a quiet beautiful life.

I am a very active, cheerful and sociable lady. I have a free schedule and do business! My husband died three years ago. And I stayed in the big house all alone. I have three adult children who have long grown up and live their own lives. I have two sons and a daughter. My daughter is 23 years old, she is married and she really wants me to be happy. So she would really like me to find my love! I like traveling very much !

I am a creative person ... I really love opera and theater. I can go to another country for a beautiful exhibition of paintings. I use my imagination and intuition to create something new or make changes to something that already exists. I live in a big world of ideas, and they live in me ... I live in a world of beauty and goodness, and he lives in me ......

I have no desire to meet the standards of society.

I have a deep understanding that many problems can be fixed. I believe that no problem is too large to be solved, or the problem cannot be solved.

I am a very bright and positive person. I love my life. I like everything she represents. I am very responsible and I love to take care of people. don't get lost with me. My friends and acquaintances say that I am a little sun that constantly illuminates their lives. It is me) I am around them. I have a very strong temperament and lively character.

Who am I looking for?

I'm a grown woman . And I hope to find a responsible, self-sufficient man who will not only play with me practically, but also be set up for meetings and long-term relationships, be it friendly, sexy or family. As I like, take care of this, my man must be ready for a sea of ​​love, love and a passionate, wild life with me. because I personally believe that high-quality physical relationships are his health. and his health is the most important thing in our life.

I hope you share the happiness with me.

Your Natalie)

ID GIRL: Natalia 1400

Уears: 51 years | Weight: 65 kg | Height: 165 cm | Children: Yes | Profession: Ambulance nurse

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