This video is made in Vinnitsa, the beautiful city in the central part of Ukraine. Our Collegue Elena made it for our client from Italia. We go to Italia to Organize the date to our client, who lives in The capital of Italia. I, Elena and the future fiancee of our client, we go all 3 to present our charming lady to  my client and to his parents.  We are sure that they will like each other from first look.

In Vinnitsa the Russiam missils also come, but the  city try to survive and we try to work and do our job in order that in this world will be more love.  Will be more love and maybe the war will be finished soon.

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You can tell Angela that I have real good intentions for her. Of course, you and I need to talk on the phone, at least for the moment. Then I’ll see you in person. But you should make time for me every day. And I for you. How? Just a text. One phone call. A video clip. What’s possible. Every day in this way we will take a step forward. Then the time will come for us. I’m sure

Dear Angela, can I ask you a courtesy? If possible of course. When we get to see each other (even if in video) don’t wear too much makeup. I don’t like fluorescent lipstick,... I love simplicity. Naturalness. Being yourself. Of course, being in order, being beautiful (that goes for me, of course), is important, but not fundamental. I want the substance in a p ... Read more »

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I want to be 100% honest with you. I just want a very beautiful woman. But beauty must be accompanied by humility, intelligence, education, honesty. Italy is really a beautiful country where you can live well. These women all look like porcelain dolls, people who have not understood anything about their lives, females who have absurd claims, individuals who have no money to buy a house in my country, who can never buy a car, Women who no one’s gonna get a decent job. Almost all Ukrainian women in my country are caregivers to older people, or they wash the stairs. There is a great bias towards them.. Most of the most beautiful ones in Ukraine unfortunately end up working as house cleaner. This is the harsh reality. Suppose we go out to dinner with friends. My fri ... Read more »

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In our agency a great event -Aftertomorrow new date in Roma!  We just started to work with new agency from Vinnitsa and so nice result. Our client Luka liked the girl fro that new agency. Her name is Lina. Only read a romantic letter, whivh Lina wrote to Luka. Lina gave us the permission to publish her letter.

"Beautiful evening outside the window beautiful words and your thoughts! my friend will not rush things we are only on the eve of the meeting and the meeting is destined for us by fate. it is important that we respect each other and appreciate! from this great love is born! I thank you for the wonderful reception and gentlemanly attitude towards me and the situation in general"

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