Hello Beautiful , how are you doing today . Hope you had a peaceful night rest . i want you to know you are in my heart and i care about you. I will be happy to meet you , but we have to keep communicating , i really want to know more of you .Yes i want to meet you after the completion of my ongoing contract here in Indiai will be happy to coming over to Geneva and meet you get to see your pretty face . before then we have to keep a good communication to understand each other more better.

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Yes Dear , i will come over to you just have to let me get done with my ongoing contract , i am a private/ Independent contractor , all risk is the job are on me till i get my contract completed . i will be happy to meret you soon

I understand your point very well , i am a very easygoing and understanding man with a heart of Gold , i believe you are also a simple sweet woman with a heart of gold , i will be happy to meet you soon . I want to really see you on video call , it so painful the internet connection here is messed up , please let me know what time you go to bed ? i will love to call you on video , so you get to see the Handsome Man you are communicating with. please try to understand my situation with the internet problem here on the Rig vessel at my ... Read more »

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 In our agency soon will be new date. He and She liked each other and want to be together. they will meet soon in  Europe in some romantic place.

"I am happy to know you love my photos i sent you and you are interested in ME. I love your beautiful photos, i was so happy getting to see you on video call , i love the beautiful smile on your pretty face , i will be the happiest man to meet you soon and live a happy life together , i am really interested in YOU. I promise to always put smile on your pretty face and keep your golden heart safe and happy. I think we both deserve happiness together, i am happy my work is going well and smoothly , i want to meet you soon"

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 Steven, our American client is seriously looking for her future wife.

I would describe myself as being very young at heart. I'm a God fearing, nice, caring, honest, sincere, and understanding man with good sense of humor, because I feel understanding and communication is the most important thing in a relationship to make it strong and last forever. When two couples understand themselves I don't see anything that will happen to that relationship. It will be a happy one. I am looking for someone who is nice, caring, loving, honest and understanding. Someone who I can have trust on and also who  have inner beauty because inner beauty tells the true and real character of a lady because is from the inner side of her you can tell if she is good or ... Read more »

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