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34. Luda [luda]  (2023-03-26 15:00)
Я познайомилася із Людмилою багато років тому.Це мудра жінка з світлою душею, яка постійно займається саморозвитком і навчанням.Людмила має прекрасні комунікаційні навички і креативно вирішує поставлені завдання. Навіть складні питання, що стоять перед нею, вирішує дуже швидко.Завжди приходить на допомогу людям. Надає корисні поради дівчатам.Людмила має аналітичне мислення, що, з моєї точки зору, підтверджує її геніальність.Нас об‘єднує любов до тварин і допомога їм.Людмила- гідна людина, яка фонтанує добром і має чарівну посмішку!Дякую долі за зустріч!
Country: Ukraine | City: Kyiv

33. John [JohnnyinUKR]  (2021-08-24 07:51)
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My name is John and I am from the UK. I got this site address from a mate that had bumped into Luda in a shopping mall in central Kyiv. I decided to try this site as I was fed up with all the big sites and the fake profiles and agents making money from chats and letters and no one ever being able to meet despite that I am actually living in Kyiv.  It was every time "I am away with work, I am visiting my parents, my mother is sick or I am on vacation".
This is not the case with Luda and her agency. I went and met her and we discussed how everything works and I thought I would give it a try.
I have now met 2 lovely women and obviously, I paid for the meetings but the girls are real (I have the photos and the memories) and I have met one several times since and although a nice lady probably not right for me and the other one I will be seeing again as she seems amazing.

32. Francis   (2019-03-01 22:34)
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Pour ceux qui l'ignoreraient encore,les filles d'Ukraine sont les plus belles du monde; je ne parle pas que de la beauté physique; l'âme ukrainienne n'est pas un mythe et pour ceux qui n'auraient pas encore trouver l'Amour; l'unique,celui que l'on rencontre une seule fois dans une vie,c'est là-bas qu'il se cache. Luda est là pour vous aider à le trouver. Sa générosité ,son très grand professionnalisme ,son acuité incomparable pour vous conseiller et vous orienter sont sans égal.
Je recommande ce site à tous les gentlemen.
Country: france | City: Paris

31. Hawaii John   (2019-02-10 23:05)
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Hi Luba,

Coming again in April or May. Looking forward to seeing you again. You are a great lady. Nice girls. John
Country: USA | City: Honolulu

30. Ben   (2018-09-19 11:32)
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As a recent client of, I would like to give a big cheer and applause to Luda, the agency owner. She worked tirelessly and efficiently to set up the meetings with the ladies. I was amazed and impressed that she was able to set up two meetings on the same day of my initial visit to her agency office. I find Luda to be very kind, pleasant and nurturing. She not only arranged the meetings diligently but also gave important information and advice on dating Ukrainian ladies in general. Her passion for what she does is admirable and commendable.
As for the ladies that I have met through Luda’s agency, everyone speaks good enough English for conversation. They were all polite, charming and very welcoming. I have visited Kiev a few times and have used other dating agencies in the past but this latest trip seems special and very productive. Thanks to Luda’s professionalism and assistance. I highly recommend Luda and her dating agency
Country: USA | City: Florida

29. Fritz   (2018-07-19 11:15)
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I have been to the ‘ single party’ with some doubts about this event, but I must write that ambiance and organization were good. Pleasant and polite women, open for discussions , and not always ready to give her contact informations to everybody: a sign of seriosity. Ladies attitude was generally normal and polite . Atmosphere was pleasant, international because of the different nationalities of men. I would suggest to go to any single man. Fritz
Country: Germany | City: Frankfurt

28. Bob Barry   (2017-11-29 08:19)
I can tell you that she went above and beyond for me. I asked her to help me find a serious-minded romantic girl who wants to find true love. I worked with her and showed her some profiles of the girls that I found attractive. I could only meet with 2 or 3 girls during my short trip. She chose 3 girls who were all amazing. Each one of them seemed so nice and genuine. I could have dated any of them, but I just had this incredible chemistry with one. I have not been this happy for a long time and I truly feel that Luda can do the same thing for you. Work with her. Explain to her what type of attributes that you are looking for in a long-term girlfriend. The more she knows about you and what you want in a future partner; the better she will be able to find a good match for you. She will do everything in her power to help choose the right girl for you and help you find the love that you are looking for!
Country: USA | City: Portland

27. Jerry   (2017-11-10 20:17)
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My name is Jerry. I am a successful businessman from New York.
I wanted to say a few words about my experiences in Kiev.
I never had success with my love life in America so my friend suggested
i go to Ukraine and try my luck there.
He suggested I get in contact with a lady named Luda who has a marriage
agency in KIev.
| City: New York

26. Jerry   (2017-11-10 20:17)
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I went there and discovered that the women were all beautiful and friendly
and interested in marriage and having children. That is just what I was looking for.
I was tired of the American women and there demands for more material things.
The women that I met were so understanding, conservative and were interested
in starting a family. Such a contrast from the women I met in America.
I am so grateful to Luda in her help in finding the woman of my dreams.
So if you are tired of all the fuss and bother of American women please come
to Ukraine and find your lovely wife.
| City: New York

25. Dev   (2017-11-06 22:49)
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Today I met a blonde lady from this agency ( This lady is 25 years old, buxom and healthy. I like the lady very much. I think this agency has alot of good ladies and ladies are real and true. I will recommend myfriends to come to this web site. That is great to follow this company.
Country: Australia

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