Dear Ladies! Man For You

Luba, I know what I want, but above all it is clearer to me what I do not want. I am faithful and I want a faithful woman. I love to eat and so I want a woman who loves to cook. I am a graduate so I want a cultured person, also because my friends and friends are doctors, engineers, lawyers so with a woman who has no culture I would be uncomfortable and she would feel out of place. It would not be environment for her. I like to dress well and I want a woman who has taste in dress. I am always cheerful and smiling, so I am sick with a sad, pessimistic person. I take great care of myself for aesthetic appearance (I have a very sporty physique) and therefore I want a beautiful woman of physique and with a gorgeous face. I practice skiing, swimming, tennis, golf, basketball,.. and so I want to share with her my sports life. It makes no sense that I go skiing and she stands still watching me. Although everything can be learned. To conclude, I want to continue traveling with a possible partner because I speak more languages, so I don’t want to have other children that bind me, when I have adult children who are self-sufficient. I told you everything. Or almost.

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